Whistleblowing Policy

Policy Statement

The Company is committed to the highest standard of integrity, openness and accountability in the conduct of its businesses and operations. It aspires to conduct its affairs in an ethical, responsible and transparent manner.

Recognising the abovementioned values, the Company provides avenues to whistleblow and strongly encourages all employees, officers and persons who perform services for or on behalf of the Company as well as members of the public to use its whistleblowing avenues to report any suspected or actual violations of the Company's policies and the law or any inadequacies in the Company's compliance programme and internal control measures.

The Management promises confidentiality to the extent set out in this Policy and permissible by law, and prohibits retaliation against those making reports in good faith. Anyone who retaliates against an individual who makes a report may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment or termination of the relevant contract with that person.

Any person who violates the provisions in this Policy, may likewise face disciplinary action.

Any disclosures or reports can be addressed to whistle.prefchem@prefchem.com

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