Human Rights Commitment

The oil and gas industries operate in some of the most challenging locations in every part of the world and face complex human rights-related issues. To ensure social license to operate, it is our responsibility to have a proactive foresight on human rights-related risks to ensure the company's long-term growth.

Human Rights is defined as basic standards of treatment for everyone regardless of nationality, religion, and language amongst others. There are 30 human rights as listed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Some of the issues that are understood as human rights include but not limited to:

  1. non-discrimination
  2. freedom of association
  3. education
  4. right to or access to clean air and water

PRefChem Human Rights Commitment ensures that our activities are governed by human rights principles, laws, best industry practices, and standards to manage impacts. Human Rights spans the five key areas that could potentially affect operational activities, Environment, Health, Safety, Security, and Socioeconomic and Cultural.

In order to support the implementation of the commitment, PRefChem is currently embarking on several initiatives to ensure Human Rights are in place.

PRefChem Human Rights Commitment.pdf

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